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A commission from the has in all waited a year to see his dream kit come true. Although it may seem easy this kit required months of work to comp;ete but in the end I gladly accepted to bring his vision to life.

Comments by client aftere seeing photos:

Absolutely stunning!! As you said, the fur lines came out very well, you can see each stroke, and how much work has been put into it... You also added eyebrows! Something Gathering refused to do when I contacted them, because "it wasn't on the original figure" (which it was)! Now I also do see the subtle shading on the white parts, and it makes a world of difference. Brings out the volumes and really makes her look alive. And the eyes... you pulled that stunt off perfectly, as well! Both oriented well, they don't just seem to be vacant.

Choosing you for this figure was a good choice, judging by the photos alone. I'll be able to check out every little detail once it comes here, and fully appreciate it

Comments by client after receiving the figure.

It is with great joy that I report that the figure has arrived at its destination! It was very carefully packaged and as such, the paint job received absolutely no noticeable damage. That tail did come loose, but is still attached. Nothing that cannot be fixed with a little glue. The base is surprisingly, but thankfully heavy and allows the figure (which is also heavy) to not simply fall over. The head simply popped into place flawlessly and can even be moved a bit. The metal bit at the foot connecting to the base is a bit loose, but i figure I just have to glue it into place, too.

It is simply great to see it for real. The details are remarkable and it is a real treat to look at every angle and see the work that went into it, the countless little details, each stroke for the fur pattern. Makes me want to loan a professional camera simply to have a good selection of pictures to share. My smartphone simply doesn't do it justice!

I am very satisfied with the finished product, the communication, price and the whole process. Thank you again for taking on this ambitious project with your busy schedule!


No of parts:
Produced by:
Karin Chan Full front view.
Karin Chan Full back view.
Karin Chan Full right view.
Karin Chan Full leftview.
It took loads of work but the fur stripes look really natural.
Karin's head can be tilted in any direction one wants.
A slight pink shade has been added to all the white.
The eyes came out really well.