Koyori won 3rd place at the e-2046, 2005 Winter Contest.

Yet another of the deadly combinations I cannot resist to. Koyori from Sengoku Ace 3, original character design by Jun Tsukasa, sculpture by French Doll. Oh how I wish I could one day talk to both of these great artists!

With this Koyori in particular I wanted to keep the option of being able to take her costume off. I new it would be test-fitting challenge and in fact it was. I spent 2(out of 4) intensive and nightmarish weeks only on test-fitting. Koyori also became a hell run against time since I wanted to enter her in the annual e2046 Winter Contest. I just had 4 weeks to work on her which were nearly not enough. I will soon let you know the result here.

Cleaning: Cleaning Koyori proved to be harder than expected. Especially both the parts that composed the right sleeve. Both were badly casted and full of imperfections. I also had to drill and cut 2 holes in Koyori goggles to simulate glass (see later on) which proved quite difficult to achieve perfectly.

Pre-Assembly: NIGHTMARES BEGIN I pre assembled all of Koyori's body first to eliminate all contact lines and to be able to test fit all the costume's parts on it so as to make it fit well. Once this was done costume's test fitting began. I first made sure to prepare pins and pin-holes for all the parts to contact to. After that I connected all the part without Koyori's body to make sure they fitted. I will not mention all the heating , sanding and puttying I did here. Next came the real nightmare. Test fitting the costume as a whole on Koyori's body. As I imagined nearly none fitted. Some were to tight some to wide etc etc. I was about to give up more than once when I finally got an idea. I needed something to heat up all the parts on Koyori at once so as to make the resin softer and mold to Koyori at best as I could. It was so that first tied all the parts at once on Koyori tightly with lots of packing rope. Not even the master of Japanese bondage could have done a 'better' work than me. Once all the parts where tightly fit to Koyori's body I immersed everything in a bucket full of hot water and left it there till it cooled down. After I just took of the ropes and the parts fitted perfectly. To eliminate the ugly contact lines as much as possible on the costume I sculpted a strap of cloth on half of the parts . Once the two parts joined this extra strap would cover the line. Hope Jun and Doll will forgive me for altering their wonderful job a bit.

Painting: For a contest painting has to be at its best. So I decided to try out new improved formulas on nearly every colour. I am especially proud of how the red came out. It is my best so far. I am pretty well satisfied with all the rest though.

Assembling: With Koyori's main body all assembled all I had to do was to put on her costume. I knew that even the slight increase in thickness caused by the painting could give me trouble as in fact it was but thanks to the intensive testfitting and preventive under-part masking all ended up well with only minor troubles which required a bit of extra sanding.

Specials: For Koyori I wanted the following Specials:

Simulated real glass for the goggle's lenses. This was achieved by drilling holes in the goggles of the exact size of the lenses. After I cut out form hard packing plastic the lenses and carefully gluing them on. Before putting them on Koyori I sculpted some hair and inserted it under the lenses to cover the empty space.

Added more design on the talisman Koyori is holding by adding an oriental dragon under it.

Besides the usual attention to eyes and lips I also wanted the gem she has around her neck to have a precious feel. What do you think have I achieved?

Finally the base is very special to me. I had they idea for it just a few days before finishing Koyori after days of thinking on what to do.

The idea came from Koyori's pose and more strongly when I saw the marbles collection with which my father used to play when he was a boy. The one you see in particular gives the impression that there is like some life going in it. You can see the white part surfing from the middle to the surface to the marble. This gave me the impression of a magical or diabolic orb. Now here is the story behind the base concept. What if one such orb fell from the sky creating a creator near a temple where Koyori was. She immediately came out to perform one of her rituals.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Sengoku Ace 3
Cerberus Proj.
360 degree full view of Koyori - Part 1.
360 degree full view of Koyori - Part 2.
Just look at how alive the red is.
The hair tone is darker similar to the artist's ref.
The white part is not less than the red.
I could not cover all the connection lines if I wanted to keep the cloths off option.
Lips and eyes came out really good.
Special: The precious gem around the neck.
Specials: The simulated glass goggles and the dragon talisman.
Special: The crashed magical orb base.
Optional Koyori: 1/3 costume.
Optional Koyori: 1/2 costume.
ADULT IMAGES - WARNING. The images below can be considered as of adult nature so if you are under 18 years of age or can be offended by such images, PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE TO SCROLL DOWNWARDS
360 degree full view of Koyori - Nude.
A rare back view. ^_^ It will not be every day that Koyori will take her costume off. ^_-
All flash tone came really out very good.
So it was that Koyori became a bit more special to me than the rest of my collection. She gave me the opportunity to mix one of my hobbies with that which my father had. Each time I look at her I remember of this particular mix. Just do not tell my father that I took one from his 60 year old precious marbles collection please. Luckily he has many of them ^_^.