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A commission from one of my clients. This Mai was so big in size that at time I was loosing my heart to finish her but now finally I am done and once again proud of my work..


Cleaning: This figure had some simple large parts to clean but also nightmarish one too. The two part which now compose the main hair ponytail was quite difficult to clean since I had to reach many inner curves and make sure the molding line was cleaned.

Pre Assembly: This Mai had also some quite difficult Pre -assembly. Mainly all four legs and arms to the main body and the two parts which composed the pony tail. Especially the legs inner part and the pony tail were really difficult to make the contact line disappear. Those took quite a chunk of my work time on this Mai.

Painting: painting was quite a normal paint job. The hair and the skin tone took some time to do since these had to be done right because they are the main part of the figure. I also took great care on the eyes since they would really bring the figure to life. Finally the reds had to be done right sine they cloths had to have the right shadow.

Assembly: Much of the assembly was already done in the pr-assembly. This had to be done so as to ensure a perfectly invisible contact line between the four major parts and the main body. Now try to guess where the contact line is between the arms and legs? I bet you will not be able to do it. Rest of the assembly was quite a simple gluing process.

Specials: The only special that I made for this figure was the base. The figure was so big that it could not fit on any base I had available so I had to cut a costume piece of perspex the size I needed. This I decorate with passage stones and green grass to give a walk in the park look.

The size of this kit made it quite hard to have the will to finish it but now that she is done I am quite proud of my work once again.

Thanks for having a look at my work once again and thank to my client for giving me the chance to work on such a beautiful figure.

No of parts:
Produced by:
Mai Shiranui
Fatal Fury
Full front view.
The fan cam out really good with great shadow making it pop up.
Full left view.
Full back view.
Over all I really like the way all colours match.
The red parts are always hard to get but this is once again a very good job.
The white I painted really fits well with the rest of the costume.
Skin tone once again came out to my standard.
Mai's hair cam out great with the tones I want.
Full facial Close up. Even so close I can see no wrong on my work. :)