The figure is already very difficult by itself to bring to this result add to this that I had to do another as a commission for a client in a totally different colour scheme and you will see how hard it was to do Mikage x2.

I want just to let you imagine what I felt when I saw this figure. Well let me present you Mikage, drawn by Mazaki Mizuhara, figure done by Cerberus Project. This figure is one of the best if not the best figure produced during this year. To start with it has a wonderful dynamic pose, the sculpt is very finely detailed and the anatomy is perfect. I like even her facial expression. Add to this that she is a Ninja in a wonderful combat pose with a well showing katana and even daggers showing and you will know that I had to do her.

IMP: For my version I choose to keep to Mazaki Mizuhara original colour scheme as you can see in the reference pic above. My client wanted the colour scheme as it was done by Cerberus Project.

Cleaning: 33 parts to clean are never an easy task now double them and it will be hell. The most difficult parts to clean where the 8 hair parts. Long, very delicate hair strands with lots of groves and fine seam lines to clear out totally. Also very delicate were the parts that compose the big waist ribbon.

Pre-Assembly: After long thinking and test fittings I decided to assemble the following parts. The two parts which compose the long waist ribbon. The 2 parts which compose the small hair ribbon. The 2 parts that form the front hair strands and finally all the parts which compose the long hair pony tail. These last were particularly difficult to pin and render the connection invisible.

Painting: Painting the client's version of Mikage present the following challenges:

First I wanted the hair to have the best blue/black fading I ever done. This was no easy task due to the delicate and complex form of the hair strands. The light purple suit was not an easy color to match with that presented by cerberus let alone shad it. As was the blue grey of the stockings. Another major challenge was the transparent brown stocking effect on which for the first time I used a pearl effect. Particularly difficult was also the design which Mikage has on her skirt. After airbrushing the skirt I had to paint by hand all the gold and red design. Not easy at all believe me.

Again I wanted to improve my katana painting method. To give a better impression that it was razor sharp I gave the katan 4 coats of different metallic paints ranging from black descending to pure silver. I really like the final result.

Assembling: Assembling Mikage was again not an easy task. After all that delicate painting work and even the delicate nature of many parts I had to be extremely careful during the process. I started from the legs up. After I was sure of the main body part I proceeded to pin Mikage to her rock base and my base at the same time. This was done with the thickest pin I could use in Mikage very small foot. After having secured Mikage to her base I proceeded by adding the hair, ribbon parts and weapons. Particularly difficult was attaching the oni mask to the red pony tail ribbon. Tip: To insert the katan in the hand and the katana's scabbard to in location before the big ribbon I used Vaseline.

Specials: Believe me Mikage is already special by itself but from the moment I saw her especially the way in which her Oni mask was cut in half I could not but picture the image of her being in combat dodging something. Dodging, Yes but what??? Since I could not and did not want add another figure to her how could I describe a combat situation better than she is showing. The answer is infront of you. Just imagine Mikage running and dodging thousands of arrows as in an Akira Kurosawa film. Classical Japanese combat scene. Thousands of arrows flying, one of which has hit her Oni Mask and split it in half.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Masaki Mizuhara
33 + 4 added
Cerberus Proj.
23 June 2005



Clients comments:

Before receiving:

You are a modern day Michaelangelo with the
brush. I am just amazed by how clean your paint lines
are and how realistic Mikage's face is. She is
absolutely beautiful! Once again you have outdone

Thank you very much

After receiving



Full front view.
Full rare view.
Full left side view.
Full right side view.
The blue grey stockings. No easy match.
Notice the pearl transparent stocking effect
She has a lovely sky blue ribbon.
The skit design was not easy at all to paint.
A close up of the daggers and something else ^_^.
Flash tone came out really good as usual.
The suit colour was no easy match with the Cerberus one.
Aggressive but concentrated facial expression.
The blue/black hair fade effect.
An improved method of painting Katanas.
A close up of the oni Mask.
Am I seeing double? NO. Maybe they are twins fighting for the same cause. You have yet to imagine how long I waited and worked for seeing them in this way together. I get really sad at the taught of having lost one but at least she will be in good caring hands.
The Oni (demon) Mask split in half. Not easy to paint, not easy to assemble but the main driving force behind my base concept. ^_^