Yet again I have been bewitched by the beauty and style of June Tsukasa's drawings (Tsukasa Bullet) and the unknown sculptor who created this beauty, Mizuki which with Taki, both of which happen to be female ninjas are my most loved kits produced during 2003. Besides the usual katanas and splendid anatomy this time I was really captured by the design of Mizuki's armor. Add to the reasons above that she had a fantastic Samurai Helmet as a base and the possibility to remove the breast plates thus giving the figure 2 different aspects and there you have the recipe which made me work on this great figure.

Again my compliments go to June Tsukasa and sadly the unknown sculptor.

Cleaning: Cleaning the huge amount of parts of this figure was not easy at all. Many of the individual pieces where quite small, others as the armor pieces where very thin and many of the rest had huge left overs from the casting process which left large holes after being removed. The cleaning process took the longest part of the work, nearly 2 week so take care of it as well.

Pre-Assembly: The only parts I pre-assembled where both of the katanas' holders. Due to there design these where very difficult to assemble and eliminate any trace of the work especially if painted. Lots of puttying and sanding had to be used to eliminate every trace of the assembling line with some retouches even after priming. I also fitted the small collar which Mizuki has around her neck to the body.

Be sure to do also a lot of test fitting of all the armor parts which are very very hard to assemble well.

Painting: My main aim for painting Mizuki was to stay as close as possible to the original coloring of June Tsukase and pull out the best texture effects all over the figure. This can bee seen especially on the flash tone, the red armor, hair and especially the black leather parts. Due to light reflection the leather effect is not that visible on the leg parts from the distance I had to take the photos but it can be clearly seen on the arms (check the notes below the photos) The light muddish effect combined with natural white light really brought out the effect I wanted. Great attention has also been given to the metallic parts of the armor and katanas. Each part has some 6 levels of paint.

Assembling: Assembling Mizuki is not easy at all. Add to the fact that I wanted both breast plates to be removable and also fit exactly with the rest of body and armor and you will complicate the process alot. First It is very important to fit first the part of armor which acts as Mizuki's panty before you fit the left leg part. Otherwise you will not be able to fit it at all. After that fit the left leg. Once this is done I started with the armor nightmare. Pay alot of attention here starting with the two main under breast plates and very important (very difficult) insert below them the lower sword cover holding part or else it will be very difficult to insert after. Take your time to be sure that both plates connect well together and below the breast. After add the metallic rod fitting above these plates. Once done take your time to fill in any gaps. Now add the main back plate with just a small amount of glue. Here test fit the front breast plates if you want them to be removable. Be sure they fit exactly with the back plate and if necessary heat with a hairdryer. If needed fit with a small amount of glue the back plate's end connections to the body to keep them fixed. Once I was sure of the position of the breast plates I joined them together with tiny knots of rope as they are seen on Tsukasa Bullets's drawing. This has also the advantage of making the two parts as one. The rest should be easy to fit except for the Samurai helmet base. I strongly suggest that you pin the helmet to your chosen base first and then pin Mizuki's right foot near to the helmet being sure that the left raised foot fits as shown in my photos.

Specials: Again Mizuki needs no great special since she is already perfect as she is if one paints her well. I only changed the color of her head band slightly so as that she can be recognaised as my work. I also gave a lot of attention to the base work. The base is one of 4 treasured fake marble like resin I managed to buy from Japan. A great figure as this deserved one of them. I only have 3 left now^_^. Enjoy.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Tsukasa Bullet
15 August 2004
Mizuki, full shots from front and rare angles.
Full left view.
Full right view.
Full right3/4 view.
Besides the other things, notice how the blade catches and reflects the light.
The armor was not easy to fit to her body.
The back part of the armor was the hardest to fit.
One of the best flash tones result I have ever made.
The hair has exact tones as Tsukasa's paintings.
Notice the leather effect on her right elbow.
Lips and eyes came out really good.
Now comments needed here. ^_^
Great looking Sakura leafs tattoos. I love them.
Both katanas close up.
Close up of the base.
Although the photos you have seen already expose much still there is more you can see.

Since these photos can be regarded as of Adult nature I leave it up to you if you want to see them or not.

Both front breast plates are tied together, fit perfectly to the back plate and can be easily taken off and on with no damage to the kit.
It would have been a pity to cover permanently such a fine work. Don't you agree?