OK, I know what your first thought will be. Another Masaki Mizuhara figure so I know what to expect. ^_^. Now let me explain why I painted this figure and why I painted her this way.

I have always been a fan of Japanese tattoos. They have such a different style and concepts. Since I saw the reference you will see below I always wanted to replicate it both on my drawings ( which I already did) and especially on a figure. On a drawing it is easy but it is very hard to find the appropriate figure. I have been always on the look for a figure which had to have these qualities so as I would be able to try it out. First and most simple was that I wanted to replicate the classical seen of Japanese women preparing for a bath in one of the famous natural thermal baths in Japan. More difficult the figure had to be of a mature look. These tattoos do not match with the prototype age 14/16 girls. They look much better on woman. Another important factor is that the figure had to have her back as exposed as much as possible. No hair had to cover my work. Orie had these two main qualities so I chose her even if I knew I had to count the comment on her big attributes in the equation. I will still be on the look out for figure with these qualities.

Cleaning: Cleaning this figure with such a small amount of parts was quite easy and without trouble.

Pre-Assembly: All body parts were assembled including the face before priming to ensure the no contact lines were visible after priming. Quite hard to achieve well especially with the leg part. The hair parts were also assembled.

Painting: Except for the tattoo painting (see special) was quite as usual except that major attention had to be given to the flash painting since I was working on the body as a whole.

Assembling: All I had to assemble after the painting was the hair and the washing bowl. All towel parts can be taken off and put on from the figure at leisure.

Specials: The two specials for Orie are quite clear. I did a base to give the impression that she was in a Japanese natural thermal bath. Hot water and a rock garden in my opinion give quite a good impression of where she is.

Second special is the famous tattoo of which final result I am quite proud. Totally hand painted on Orie's back is the mythical black koi with sakura (cherry) flower petals. The dream of every koi breeder (like me)in Japan. YES I AM ALSO A KOI BREEDER. The design was done by first drawing it in pencil. After all the pencil line was outlined in black by hand with a fine brush. Next came the most difficult part of blending 4 colours to obtain the water part and keeping it as smooth as possible. Again the black line was corrected with a fine brush. After I began to work on the koi by painting the black part in and after the pink eyes and sakura flower petals with all the relative shading and highlights. After some corrections the Koi's scale were painted in. 5 days of intensive work. ENJOY ^_^

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Orie Kuro Koi
Masaki Mizuhara
3 October 2004
Front View.
Back View.
Right View.
Left View.
The inspiration after my Orie Kuro(black) Koi.
The towel shading came out very good.
The towel was quite hard to assemble on Orie.
Detailed look of the Black Koi with Sakura leaves.
My favorite shoot.
Close-up of the face.
Orie comes with a different towel which exposes her breast or can be left totally nude. All options are available on my Orie she might offend herself if I show you more. Sorry! ^_^
Front/back view of the Thermal bath base.