I have never done a Ah My Goddess figure before. Although many of the figures I have seen from this series are some of the best examples of garage kits I have seen I have never been attracted by them.

So it was that my first Ah My Goddess figure was done as a commission for a French client which has become a very good friend of mine due to the many e-mail we sent each other to establlish the detail of this project.

Client's requests: My client requested a level 3 painting job and this had to be done once the figure was to be converted as the following. I had to remover both pulses and ankles lingerie bracelets. I had also to add a stocking line to the upper legs and naturally paint Peorth with stockings on. Another request was to replace the rose necklaces with a red ruby. For the painting scheme the client wanted a slight transparent white underwear with yellow borders. The base was left to my own imagination.

Cleaning: Cleaning this figure was quite simple. Except for a deep seam line which was located on her left butt. After cleaning I also proceeded to taking of both pulses and ankles bracelets by cutting and sanding them off.

Pre-Assembly: This was a to be a tough decision but I had to assemble the legs part with the main body. The connection between these 2 pieces was very very rough. To make it as smooth as possible it had to be assembled, puttied, sanded and cleaned in order to have a smooth surface before priming. This took me quite long because of the roughness of the connection.

I also preassembled both hands and feet parts. Since the bracelets where not present anymore I had to make sure that any trace of the connection lines was removed before priming.

Painting: Painting the figure was quite business as normal. I first started with the flash tones and after with the hair tones. Once finished I masked all the flash parts and airbrushed with thinned down white to produce the transparency I wanted. The yellow borders where than added to the underwear. Finally I remasked the whole body except for the legs where I proceeded to try out my first stockings transparency effect. Again the stockings where masked out to permit me me to add the final 2 brown tones to the stockings.

Assembly: Final assembly was not that tough. All I had to do was to assemble first both arms, then the head and hair parts. Finally I place the red ruby.

Specials: Besides the underwear transparency effect and the stockings I wanted to add a special natural base for my client. It was quite hard to come with a good idea due to the particular sitting pose Peorth is in. The sculptor did us modelers a great mistake not adding an appropriate base. If Peorth was simply made in a sitting position, both her hands and feet would just stay in mid air making her look very unnatural.

It was here that I had the idea of having Peorth sitting on an special sofa in a heavenly garden (since she is a goddess) enjoying the sun and water. The sofa was sculpted in a way that it would permit Peorth to rest both her hands and legs and does look as if comfortably enjoying the view in a very relaxed way. The figure is not fixed to the base so as the cleint can enjoy my painting job from any angle he likes.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Ah My Goddess
6 March 2004

Clients's Comments after seeing the Photos:

GREAT WORK, REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU DID A SUPER JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clients comments after receiving the figure:
Full frontal view: She seems to know that she is being observed.
Full back view: I am really satisfied how the hair's highlights came out.
Full right side view. Notice how left foot and right arm touch the sofa.
Full left view: Again the left foot and the left arm touching the sofa.
What I call total relax. Blue water, green grass and light.
Again the concept behind the base was havenly relax.
As my client told me "she know she is sexy" and I tried to show it as much as possible.
I am quite satisfied of how the water came out this time as well.
I fully agree with my client. She know, she know.