Another commission by an new client which I gladly accepted not just because it is a figure I wanted to try out for long time but for the fact that for one it was not such a complicated figure. Infact I had much fun during the whole working process because for once everything went as planned and without any difficulty or problem at all. ^_^.

Cleaning: Cleaning Rain as a whole was simple. The only area where I had to pay attention was where the seam line went over the delicate engraving which constituted the lines which marked her body suit. One has to work very delicately in order not to cancel these line.

Pre-Assembly: The only parts I pre-assembled for rain where all the tiny parts which gave more volume to her hair back part.

Painting: Painting was business as normal with this figure. After consultation with my client I suggested not to make all the suit's parts have a glossy finish or otherwise the whole figure would have looked like made of glass. I told him that I would give a leather shiny effect to the black part while the pink part would have a plastic effect but I would also add a slight skin transparency to make the kit first of all look sexier and also different form the rest done so far. An idea to which my client immediately adhered. The leather was easily done but I had to be very careful to balance the transparency effect to keep it to a minimum as you can see form the close ups in order to not make Rain look to vulgar. I am also very satisfied with how the gold parts came out this time with anew method I tried of undercoating the glod part with a bright yellow before adding the gold color. Finally the hair which with a new base coat mix is one of the best tones I have ever made.

Assembling: Again assembling Rain was just the matter of putting all the pieces together which not that much trouble and with the need of minimal retouching after the job was finished.

Specials: Besides the slight transparency I had promised to my client I also worked to try a produce a base with a difference as usual. At first I had no base idea of what to do not know much of Rain's story. I only know that she comes from the gundam universe so I had to work on that. Studying her pose the main feature is the hand raised up as if to indicate to someone who has just talked to her that she got 5. These 5 can be everything from combat kill to all you can imagine. The I notice the happy but determined look of her facial expression. So the story goes what if Rain had just returned from a mission to her mother ship and someone asked just in a sudden asked her how it went with her turning and showing happily 5 kills. The base had to represent some sort of technologically advanced background. What better than panel lines and slightly seen microchips to do so.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Full 360 degree view of Rain.
Clients comments:
Added to 360 view.
Added to 360 view.
The leather effect can be seen well.
The black line sharpness was the hardest.
Flesh tones can be seen even under the pink part.
The pink had to be slightly transparent notice the hip.
Different shining finishes give the idea of different materials use.
The hair tone is one of my best.
Notice the slight tranparency along the breast line.
Happy but determined facial expression.
Being on board of some sort of modern structure base.