Finally after nearly 2 years of only commission I decide and found the time to do a kit for myself and it was a real pleasure believe me. May I present you Mai the Rathlos Blade Master Hunter. I have always been a great fan of the Monster Hunter Game and have been hunting for this kit from the first time I saw it. It is a great pleasure to have a solid form of the game character I really like to play. Monster Hunter was one of those game I really enjoyed playing and this will be a good memory of those fun times. :)

Cleaning: Cleaning this kit was far from easy. Nearly all parts required maximum attention when cleaning. This because nearly all the parts are made to simulate Rathlos skin texture and thus if one sanded too much you could easily remove that texture to leave a flat surface.

Pre-Assembly: The only thing I preassembled was the helmet which was divide in 4 parts. The assembled helmet can be easily painted and fitted when done so that can spare some work.

Painting: Painting especially the Rathlos skin was not and easy task. My idea was to alter and darken the skin a bit more than the original color to give the impression that the Rathlos killed to produce the armor was an old one thus giving more honor to it's killer.

The base skin color is a mix of dark red and brown which was then shaded with a light brown and then a darker brown. As a final shade I used black to bring the rest of the texture out. To give more the old idea I added more detail to the horned spikes on the sword and armor. I gave them a white point finish where usually a Rathlos horn is all black. The chain mail was produce with the combination of 3 layers of highlighted silver. I painted the hair green first to make this figure totally similar to my ingame character and also to add a touch of contrast to the color scheme.

Assembling: Assembling the kit was not that difficult. The kit is very user friendly and after some good test fitting and pinning everything fitted very well and without excessive trouble.

Specials: There was not much room for specials on this kit which is far too detailed to add something to it. This is why I decided to give a beautiful base to give more atmosphere to the character. My concept idea was of a Muddy marsh land or swamp where the Hunter was following the tracks left by his prey clearly visible on the mud. I even tried a new experiment to simulate muddy water running in a small stream. Notice the monster's track on the right in the final photo which even bent the grass.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Rathlos Hunter
Monster Hunter
Frontal and Back full view.
3/4 right full view.
Left and Right Full view.
3/4 left full view.
More detail was given to the sword's spikes.
Close up of the Rathlos skin armor.
Notice how the chain mail parts reflect the light.
It was hard to keep the Rathlos texture constant.
I like this view. Seeing her face though the hand.
The Rathlos skin helmet in all it glory.
The green hair is just like that of the character I play in game and contrasts well with the rest of the armor.
The base. A marsh land with a small river and muddy surface. Notice the monster foot prints on the right. Mai is following the Rathlos's tracks. ^^.