Finally I made it with my next Monster Hunter figure. I have been wanting to add this particular Rathlos Ranger Hunter from the first time I saw it. I knew it would be a really difficult kit to build and paint but I am, too great a Monster Hunter fun not to accept the challenge posed to me from this kit. This one in particular has been lying dormant on my work table for nearly a year till I finished all my commission.

Cleaning: This kit is not easy at all to clean. It is first of all made of so many parts. The arrows in the pocket alone are all individual pieces which all required cleaning. Then there are the various monster skin parts which have to be clean with particular attention not to damage the texture. Finally even the chainmail skirt is a nightmare to clean which all those holes requiring individual cleaning.

Pre-Assembly: For this kit I did quite few pre assembly. Only a belt on the back of the chest plate and the fins on the knee plates were done. For the rest this figure is quite a nightmare of testfitting after test fitting and you will have to prepare yourself for part refitting even when you finished painting.

Painting: Painting a figure like this is never easy. As one can see, the figure is composed of many parts with lots of details on each part. I had more than once to apply different coats of airbrushing and refine with hand painting on many different parts. The main attraction of this figure is certainly the bow, I wanted it to stand out as much as possible and show that it was made of Rathlos bones and skin. There are some 7 tones ranging from pure bone color to green. Everyone fading in the other. The green was than shade to make the skin texture stand out. The green parts of the Rathlos armor are made totally from green tones with all the lines forming the squares on the armor shaded individually. The bone color on the spikes of the skirt armor are handed painted, blending color tones from brown to white to obtain my now famous bone texture. The metal parts of the armor are airbrushed this time but the final silver highlight is hand painted and after everything is polished. Needless to say this figure has a lot of details which all had their share of work. The details on this kit in particular really make it stand out.

Assembling: This kit is not easy at all to assemble. I had to keep looking at the assembling instruction more than once from the start and kept doing so when assembling the final painted version. It is really important that you test fit as much as you can, until you are sure that: First you know where each part has to go and Second that it fits properly. Particular attention must be give to the bow alignment and also to the arrow pocket fit.

Specials: This kit is already special by itself. It has a great pose and it is full of details. However I just had to add my personal touch on this kit. It did not take me long to decide to work on a special base but I had know idea on what to do. It was so that I started looking on a very good book of illustrations on Monster Hunter I have. After some days (yes days) of turning over the pages I noticed illustrations of foot prints that the monsters this ranger hunts. So it was that I imagined that this hunter was after one of these in a swamp. The monster are several times bigger than a man so I decide that this foot print would occupy all the base. After drawing the foot print on the base with a marker I modeled around it with clay to obtain the foot print and painted and added water effect to give it a swampy look.

While I was watching this book I also notice emblems that are used for the game. It was time to try out my Photo Shop skills again and also my newly ordered decal paper for inkjet printers. After an initial failure to transfer the printed decal to the figure, I asked for some tips to Smoon, a modeller friend which had used this paper before and there you have it. My special for this figure a weathered down Rathlos emblem. The on you see on your right. Thanks a lot Smoon for your help. :) ENJOY THE FIGURE.

No. of Parts:
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Rathlos Ranger
Monster Hunter
Ranger Front Full View.
The Rathlos Armored Ranger in all it's glory.
Ranger Back Full View.
Rathlos Ranger Hunter full view front.
Rathlos Ranger Hunter full view back.
Take a look at the bow from the back.
Now take another look from the front. Amazing!
The metal parts of the armor are airbrushed this time.
My compliments go to the man who sculpted this figure.
I loved working will all the shades of green on this figure
I have always been quite good at painting bones.
There are around 60 individual arrows there.
The decoration on the arrow container are decals.
The bones and monster skin on the armor and bow.
Even the rathlos skin shield came out really good.
This emblem is a self made decal (thanks to Smoon). It has also been given a weathering effect to make it look old and used.
The base is made to reassemble a Rathlos foot print to scale with the figure to show how huge the monster being hunted is.