Here is Seolla Schwitzer another small commission I accepted from Canada this time. Over all she was quite a straight forward kit to work one. Quite a relaxing one infact from my usual complicated kits but she was not without trouble as any kit.

Cleaning: Cleaning Seolla was business as usual. All part were cleaned easily but attention had to be given to the different engraved lines which constitute much of Seolla only real complication. Here suit design. Another difficult part to sand was the frontal hair part which has quite a delicate ponytail on the right side where the sean line is passing.

Pre-assembly: Nothing was pre-assembled before priming.

Painting: Overall Seolla was not that complicated to paint but still nearly all the parts had to be masked during one stage or another of the painting. This took quite a bit of time and patience. With Seolla I wanted to stick to the original colour as the client wanted but from my end I wanted to emphasize the splendid moving pose which this figure has. The secret to emphasize movement on this kit was a well done shading and highlighting painting session. I took great care in the shading and highlighting of every tone especially the suit. I kept the armor gray dark as indicated on the ref but ask to produce some contrast with Seolla's gray hair which is gray too. Many of the 22 hours it took me to paint Seolla were spent in detailing her out especially the lines of her suit. This produce quite a good contrast and in my opinion they added to the movement of the kit. A particular spot of note and satisfaction to me are the turquoise parts of the armor. I managed to produce a slight gem effect with well blended colours with only just hand painting them.

Assembly: I thought assembly was going to be easy but never trust on this. Great attention had to be given to not leave space where the legs meet together. I had quite a hard time on this. The meeting parts of the hair was also very tricky to get right. Joining the hand with the arms was not easy task too.

Specials: For Seolla I did not specials. Not that I did not want to but since I do not know the story behind the character all I know is that she is from Super Robot Wars. Adding a scenery base could put her out of context for those who know her well. This is why I resorted to a simple and generic grass base. In my opinion grass can be found everywhere from a space colony down to earth. Also Seolla's pose adapts well to a base like this.

No. of Parts:
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Seolla Schweitzer
Super Robot Wars


Full views of Seolla from various angles.
Full views of Seolla from various angles.
3/4 Right side view.
3/4 Frontal view.
3/4 Left side view.
Good gray tone are not that easy to get.
3/4 Back view.
Grey hair tones are always hard.
Extra Gold parts were added as a personal touch.
The blue tone really show movement in my opinion.
The facila expression really came out a happy one.
The blue, black, gray lines where really hard to get righ.