It is with great pleasure and honor that I present you Taki from the game Soul Calibur. This figure won the FIRST PLACE in the figure section at the e2046 BBS International Summer 2004 Contest.

I would like to thank the organisers and the judges for the great honor they gave me. I would also like to extend my sincere compliments to all the other 53 participants for their great works of art.

I was literally fascinated when I saw this figure. Taki has always been one of the top ranking female characters in my personal favorite list. I have searched all around the globe to try and find a figure I could paint for my collection. You can imagine how my heart skipped a beat when last year I encountered this figure for preorder at HLJ. Although as an original Garage Kit the cost was quite high I did not care and prordered it immediately without a second thought.

In my opinion this is one of the best if not the best kit that came out in 2003. Not only for the great sculpt, the very dynamic pose and overall beauty of the kit but also because (after I assembled it ) the parst were so excellently molded that all of them perfectly fitted with each other. The figure also comes with the great roof top base you see which perfectly fits with Taki's role of a demon hunting ninja. The base was a great add on which nearly no other garage kit has . My sincere compliments go to Wave the producers and the sculptor. They made my work a lot more easier and enjoyable.

Cleaning: Cleaning this kit in general was not that easy. The figure in general is very detailed so lots of attention had to be given to all the parts so as not to lose it.

Pre-Assembly: The only parts I preassembled were two small hair strands to the main hair parts.

Painting: What can I say. Again due to the amount of detail lots of attention had to be give to all painting in general. My main objectives for Taki was to keep all the original colors but give all of them a much more professional and lively look than the reference photo I had. So it was that after doing normal flash tones I started with the hair making it black but adding a slight touch of brown highlights to give it much more mass and dimension unfortunately it is not see that much in these photos but if you look at the close ups you will see the slight touch of brown allover. The same was with the main red suit. Some seven layers were used to give the red a slight shade but also a slight highlight with a fine mild shiny overall look. For the amour and katanas I wanted a sort of shiny magical look so it was that I gave my normal armor finish a fine shade of blue overall adding that magical touch which she needs to fight demons. Again the same went for the roof top and wood parts.

Assembly: As I said before, assembly was quite easy and straight forward due to the perfection of the part. Each fitted perfectly to the other. The only thing to keep in mind is to were you put your hand due to the huge amount of detail you can easily damage something.

Specials: In my opinion this kit do not require any special it just need an as good as possible paint job to make it stand out. The only very special I did was to concentrate as much as possible on the armor and katanas to give them a magical look. In this regard I add more golden part than the reference to enhance more the decoration on the armor. The rest really speaks for itself. Enjoy ^_^ 2 more photos down.^_-

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Soul Calibur
5 May 2004
Full Frontal View
Full Back View
Full Left Side View.
Full Right Side View.
Notice the cloud design on the leg.
Even the wood of the base came out quite realistically.
Well planned shades and highlights really gave dimension to the roof top base.
Full 3/4 Back View.
Notice the soft balanced red shade and highlight.
The 7 red tones were quite difficult to obtain.
Notice the Shiny Magical blue shade of the armor.
The Katanas go along with the same effect of the armor.
It is hard to notice in photos but the hair fades to brown.
Lovely lips, lovely eyes = Lovely face. ^_^