I never thought that I would make another Taki. I was so afraid that I would not repeat my previous result on the first tTaki that I had decided to not paint another one. However after some thinking and a clients request I decide to try and see if I could repeat a result on the figure.


The client wanted his Taki to be identical as the one on the game in any aspect and that is what I did. He also insisted that he wanted the same facial expression as I had on mine which I think I achieved.

The painting process is exactly the same as I did on mine so I will not repeat it here. If you wish to know more just go to my Taki gallery.

Hope you enjoy this take as you enjoyed mine.

Thanks to the client who has put me to yet this other test. I really enjoyed painting this Taki too.


No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Taki 2
Soul calibur
Front full view.
Back full view.
Left full view.
3/4 right full view.
Client requested exact color scheme as in game.
Red tome came out really good.
Blade and armor are realistic.
Determined eyes. What do you think.
Eyes again ^-^.
Hair tones are even better than mine.
Up side view.
Close up view.