What first attracted me to this figure was a facial expression tryout. I loved the pose of this kit with Tomoko (as I called her) having that slightly bent head and right hand up but drawn back as if she was just hinting a shy salute to (maybe someone she knows she just saw through the public. With this kind of pose I found Tomoko to be the perfect figure with which to try a shy, sad, innocent looking facial expression.

Cleaning: Cleaning this figure was no trouble at all. Thanks to the excellent quality of the resin mix I found it very easy to clean all the parts in no time.

Pre-Assembly: Though the resin was good the sculpt in itself was quite hard to fit well. First of all I had to join all the three parts which form the frontal hair strand and do extensive test fitting for the bunny ears also. Gaps could also be found around the neck head connection and where her boots meet the legs. This had to be taken care of well.

Painting: It took me quite a long time to come up with this color scheme. I did not want the whole kit to be black as in the sample. Again due to the various gaps in the sculpt black was a good option to hide the gaps well. After seeing my Swooping Hawks warhammer miniature I decided to give her the same color scheme but with a good balance of black shading where one could not distinguish which from black and turquoise was the main color.

Assembling: Assembling the kit was easy except for the hair/ear part. To make the ears fit well I had to separate them and attach them on their own filling small gaps in between.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Shy Bunny
20 March 2003
Specials: As I said the main special I wanted for this kit was a shy facial expression. When some one is embarrassed his face turns a bit red. I have read a lot of methods on how to put this red on figure faces, from wax colors, to real make up or chalk. I never liked none of these because the would not be permanent on my kit and can be easily rubbed off unless one seals the kit which I never do. So once again I tried my trust airbrush with a toned down red, adding after a couple of brush strike to get that manga line effect I like so much. Unfortunately it is not that much visible because I do not have a good enough close-up camera but that is all I can afford for now. Another simple special was the painting of the yellow stripes design on the boots and gloves of the costume. I also tried to exploit the base transparency to simulate a disco dance floor where light are continually changing under the feet of the dancers.