I think now every one of you knows what kind of figures I like to paint. Just imagine what passed through me when I saw this figure for the first time. I went literally mad to have it. And finally after a full month and a half work I finally finished it.

My most sincere compliments go to the original artist Jun Tsukasa of which I am great fan and also to the sculptor which I do not know but which really brought this figure out of the paper of it original design. How I would love to speak to both of these 2 great artists.

Cleaning: Cleaning this figure was quite easy even if it took quite a long time. Special attention has to be given to the chainmail parts since it is difficult to completely clean them from the seam line. The hair is quite difficult too. Also great attention has to be given to separate without damaging the ten armor clips from the block of resin they are casted in since they are very small. Do not forget to leave a middle part with each clip which will really help you to assemble them to the armors ropes.

Pre-Assembly: The only part I preassembled from all the 37 parts of this kit was the 2 parts which composed her mantel. It turned out quite helpful not have to assemble them after painting.

Painting: Painting this figure is quite a hard and length process if one wants to get this final results. I first started with the mantel. It can be easily airbrushed but some 10 layers are needed to obtain my results. I then continued with the flash parts since they all are the deepest layer of the figure. The armor came next. The flash was carefully masked and armor airbrushed. With the armor I wanted to keep the original purple fading to black as you can see from the reference of the original artist above. After the armor the hair parts came next. Easy job. The above where the only parts I airbrushed this time. Due to the figure being quite complicated and my special method for painting chainmail and metal parts I did all the rest of the painting by hand. Gold strings, leather, cahinmail and katana where all hand painted. Check below the pic for more comments.

Assembly: Now here was where the nightmare really was. The first assembling was quite straight forward. The 2 leg pieces with the other have of the body including the head. Do not I repeat do not attach anything else before putting on her her full armor which include the front and back breast plates the shoulder rests and even the Hip plates. Maybe you will not believe me but the full body armor is not glued to her but instead it is tightly tied to her by the ropes you see. To this end be sure to have enough extra rope at least a meter. The small piece supplied with the figure is not enough and you will go through a lot to trouble like me if you find this out in the middle of the tying process. So it was that I began tying the back plate and the breast plate to the 2 shoulder parts All went well and with both I could try and adjust the knots on the figure itself. The trouble began when I started with the hip's plates. The back part can be tied normally but I head great trouble to tie the front part and align them well with the body. IMP leave one side of the rope really long so as you can widen the plates as you try them on and off the body. The same long ropes have to be left for the central knots on both sides (those just under her breast) and DO NOT FORGET TO CROSS THEM. All this will permit you to take the armor on and off her easily till you get it to fit perfectly. Once it is, tighten the front knot apply a bit of super glue to fix them and cut out the extra parts for the back because there will be no way to tie a knot once the armor is tighten. The final stage is to tighten the central ropes and apply a knot. Once done cut the extra here too. Take also good care once you are assembling the right katana holding hand. It has to fit perfectly in her hand and under the hair. In fact mine need no gluing.

Specials: The only special I did besides the extra effort in paint for this great figure was the base. Where the waves are crashing on a cliff.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Kacchuu Musume #4
Tsukasa Bullet
Full front view.
Best full front view.
Full back view.
Full right side view.
Full left side view.
Angled left side view without base.
Angled left side view without base.
Close-up back view. Just notice how big the Katana is in respect to her. 9 layers of hand painted paint had to be given to obtain this final result.
A gimps of what can be seen behind the mantel.
Take a look at the Chainmail. To get this shiny result I had to give it 6 layers of paint priming included. All of them hand painted.
Notice the Katan's handle design. Quite an intricate piece of work. It took me 3 full hours to finish it.
I am really satisfied how the red turned out. It was really a challenge to give the red such fine and soft shadings and highlights with the main aim of keeping it as smooth as possible.
The huge katana again in all is glory.
See as I told you, all the armor is not glued but tied to her body. In fact one could even take it off if he unties the central knot just under her breast!!!
One of the loveliest faces I ever painted. It was so well sculpted I found it easy to paint it so well and in detail. My compliments go to the sculptor. If only I could talk to him one day.
It is really a pity that her red mantel covers such a lovely 'back' don't you think. I could not do anything to make the mantel removable since it's ends where to thin. Luckily I took a couple of photos. ^_-
The crushing wave base was really hard to get right. In fact this is my second attempt. Now I think I have got it quite right.
The cliff is made from a rare piece of Maltese (unpolished) marble. While the crushing waves are made from a washing spunge to give the form to the water foam. Then the wate was colored. I had other specials in mind for her but the figure was already so beautiful that I did not want to touch or modify it just compliment it with a good base.