This figure was to be my first real airbrushing tryout. Why I selected it? The main reason is that Great Mazinger besides being my very first seen anime back then in the 70's (as we know him here affectionately the Grandfather). Mazinger is also made of of quite simple and smooth parts which I found excellent for testing my airbrush skills. Another reason was that this figure thanks to the excellent Bandai engineering can be made to stay in any position one likes. My preferred Great Mazinger pose is as you see it. When he call down the lightening holding his diabolical sword. I never forgot it.

Cleaning: Cleaning this figure was quite simple. I just had to remove the parts carefully and take away the seam line with a small cutting blade.

Pre-Assembly: All parts were left loose here I just mounted the jet scrander wings together and the head. Also all skeleton frame parts were mounted.

Painting: Being my first airbrush tryout the painting was not easy especially the red parts but after a couple of tryout I got used to the flow of the paint from the airbrush and everything went quite well. The sword and the all the head were hand painted. The black rubber parts were not touched except for the hands rubber parts which needed to be of the same tone as the arms and legs. Panel line were easily hand painted with a fine brush.

Assembly: Assembly was not that difficult the only problem was adapting the single parts to the frame as best as I could. This permits the parts to move well when changing the pose without damaging the paint work.

Specials: Besides a great attention to paint smoothness I did not do any specials for the Great Mazinger this because I want it to result as exactly as possible to the original in order to have a good memory of the Great Mazinger.

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Great Mazinger
too many!

14 April 2002