The beautiful simplicity of this original garage kit is the reason why I wanted it in my collection. My compliments to the sculptor Keiko. She thus really fine jobs.

Cleaning: Cleaning of this figure is quite simple but great attention has to be taken to totally remove the seamline especiall around the small parts like the fingers hair and internal part of her right arm.

Assembling: I assembled all of the kit except the hat and hair before painting. Great attention has none the less to be taken to fill well the gaps where the figure was cut both on the right bikini line and the right hip where the right leg meets the swim suit. I had quite a hard time to get them right and invisible because the parts do not fit exactly.

Painting: Painting was quite straight forward. I used not masking this time. First I airbrushed the flash tones and then painted the biking and eyes directly on them. Hair and hat where drawn separately. Never would I have thought that a fine bikini line would give me so much trouble though.

Specials: Besides the eyes I wanted to try something different on her swim suit from the start. That shown on the sample never convinced me much. I wanted something original and that matched with Holiday's blue eyes and blonde hair. After a lot of thought and an encounter with a girl wearing a red snake skin swim suit my inspiration kicked in. Instead of the red I put blue and tried my best to imitate the snake skin texture with my brush. The result can be seen here above. The stand too was given my special attention. I wanted to give the impression that Holiday was standing near the sea on one of my island's most famous bays 'Ramla' the red sand bay. I took some sand from there and created a wavy sea since Holiday has wind passing through her hair. Finally I wrote her name in the sand so that everyone will know her name.


No. of Parts:
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28 July 2002
Full 360 degree view of the simple but beautiful Holiday.
3/4 full left view.
3/4 full right view.
3/4 full back left view.
The cowboy hat stands out.
The bikini is small but extremely sexy.
Holiday's pose is really great.
I love snake patterns especially on bikinis. ^_^
Again snake patterns from the back this time.
Lovely face with a even more lovely expression.
The base.