No this is not just another of my Monster Hunter kits. No this is not another of my simple conversions. This is the kit I chose to try my first sculpt on. The conversion is just the means to show it of. However the kit was also given a first class paint.

Cleaning: This figure was quite easy to clean. All parts a well defined so it was no trouble at all to clean.

Pre-Assembly: The only pre assembly I made was the middle part of the of the hair part. The I proceeded in doing the hand conversion forward so that my sculpted blade could be shown at the best. I also sculpted a handle for the Kirin Trident.

Painting: For the painting I wanted a great skin effect and also an electrical blue effect for the kirin fur. The skin was really tough to bring out. I had to do at least 10 layers of paint to get the desired blue Gary effect that was not so light. The hair was no trouble though. A good white under coat, shaded with electric blue. The it was highlighted by hand with a brush and finally given a light white airbrush. All the weapons were copied from a good reference book I have with mixes of hand brush and airbrush. The sword was give a green version to make it come out from the rest. One of the best blends of white to green color I ever made was on the sharp edge of the blade. It really looks sharp. What do you think. The rest was normal routine for me.

Assembling: Again the assembly was quite an easy one. From that end this kit was really well made. I just had to make sure my sculpted sword was really in a good position where it could be seen and the the Kirin trident was well placed to fit naturally with the rest of the sculpt because it would have been a pity to loose such a well sculpted weapon.

Specials: As you might have already understood. The special for this kit was the conversion which had to show off my first ever sculpt project. The Maple tree Flaying Dragon Sword.. The sculpt itself took a month of constant work and was made with Magic Sculpt. You can see the various stages of the sculpting process in the final photos below and the final result up above. I also had in mind to preserve my sculpting work and wanted to be able to reproduce it in the future. That is why I decided to progress in this sculpting work keeping in mind to do it and be able to make a mold in the final stage of the sculpting work. As you can see I managed this too. At the end of the work I was able to produce a mold of the sword which I am now able to reproduce as much as I want in resin.

What can I say. I think this is one of those that I call a complete modeling project. Where you model, you sculpt, modify, paint, build and finally be able to reproduce your work. Enjoy.

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Kirin Hunter
Monster Hunter
The Kirin Blade Master in full view at various angles.
The Maple tree Flaying Dragon Sword. . My first sculpt and molds making. It took me nearly a month of constant sculpting but now I am even proud of the painting.
Kirin Blade Master full view.
Kirin Blade Masted full view.
The blade in full view.
The Kirin fur really resulted in something electrical.
All three weapons but the shield first here.
The Kirin Trident in full view.
All the weapons came out really good even at close.
My blade is good but the Trident is too.
Detailed close up of the face.
The base representing a ruined building.
A Group Photo of the 3 Kirin Hunting team - All painted in one go.
My first sculpt - The process. Not an easy task.
After all that work. It needed to be preserved. The mold,