This kit is one of my favorites. Besides that I am a grate fan of cat girls, I really like the pose and expression of this figure. Unluckily I could not find an original one so I had to go for a recast .

Cleaning: This kit presented some difficult to solve problems as regards cleaning. The seam line can be easily removed with a bit of extra attention given to the running shoes the hair and tail. The difficult part cam when I had to spot and fill in a lot of airholes which where present in the resin. One of them being the size of a pen cap. I had to apply several layers of putty both liquid and solid and sand them more that once to get rid of them. A couple of extra layers of primer where also applied.

Assembling: I assembled none of the parts of this kit before I had finished all the painting. Particular care has to be given to both the leg parts where they meet with the suit in order to leave no gaps. So, do some test fitting before and after priming. Attention must also be given to where the arms attach to the body so as to leave no gaps. Even the neck connection must be checked.

Painting: As I said above all the parts were painted separately. I started with the gloves and running shoes which are brush painted to give them the attention to detail they require. The rest was airbrushed and panther markings and eyes where painted on the airbrush. Even though the parts were painted on their own nearly all of them required extensive masking.


No. of Parts:
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7th July 2002
Specials: Besides a lot of attention to the gloves and running shoes as mentioned before I gave particular attention to the panther markings which had to be and were kept smooth in order to keep the synthetic look of Kitsune's suit. The eyes and mouth with it two seen tooth also where taken care of in order to keep her expression. As a my personal marking for this kit a strand of kitsune front right hair was painted as the rest of the suit in panther markings. Finally the stand was made from brown marble with artificial grass on it to give the impression Kitsune was out in the open.