Mai Kannazuki is one of my favorite G-Taste characters. When I discoverd the original garage kit I could not resist buying it.

Cleaning: This kit is quite hard to clean up especially both the arms and other parts where the folds of Mai's suit can be found in large amount. The seam line is quite difficult to eradicate from these part so special care has to be taken. Even more effort has to be given to Mai's glasses frame. It is very delicate and can snap eaisly.

Assembling: The kit is easy but it has to be done in order from the legs to the head. Special attention has to be given to the legs once painted they are a bit hard to fit.

Painting: I have painted all the parts separately except for the two hair parts which I joined before starting. I followed the original colour scheme colsely but insisted particularly on the red and hair shading which really paid of in my opinion. Special attention has to be given to the rose design and to the eyes which are a bit difficult to get right since they are not the usual great manga eyes.. I also took some extra effort and gave Mai the same kind of makup as she is seen with in the Manga.

Specials: One thing that bugged me of this kit is the glass frame which has no ear rest. Mai's looks are not complete without it so I added it to her left ear because the other would not be visible. The stand is made from white polished marble which I engraved and painted black tiles on to give an idea of the villa in which she is originally drawn.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Mai Kannazuki
Tora no ana
6 June 2002