Take a look at the first photo well. The insert is the figure as it comes originally. I was not so attracted to this figure even if I like kip figures very much. This figure is a bit oddly twisted and comes with no weapons except the combat knife which is very beautiful though.

After some time seeing this kit I saw another version of which the artist had added a 1/6 scale M-16 rifle to the hand instead of the dagger. I liked this version much more but still the pose of the rife did not satisfy me at all. After some hard research I managed to find a store here which sell a lot of 1/6 scale reproductions of modern weapons and modern combat accessories. Needless to say after buying a lot of them I went back to the figure store and ordered this army girl with a topless version in order to turn her into a sniper army girl which now has the name of Minami.

Cleaning: Before starting the conversion work I had all pieces well cleaned as usual. Nothing so difficult this time but be sure to clean up before any conversion. In this way you will have no trouble with it later.

Conversion & Pre-Assembly: The main things I wanted to achieve with my conversion where 4. A natural as possible rifle holding position with both hands, keeping the optional naked breast option, hiding the turning waist as much as possible and adding accessories that would turn Minami into a perfect sniper but without hiding her great body.

The only but major conversion work took place along both arms and even the hands. Minami's left hand was brought straight down in order for her to be able to handle the PSG1 sniper rifer from under the magazine clip as if she had just changed it. This also permitted me to be able to change both breast sections at pleasure after careful testfitting and filling them.

On the other hand Minami's right arm was brought up at the shoulder and 90 degree angled at it's half.

All this involved both the arms being cut, turned, pinned, filled and sanded in 3 different parts to ensure the naturally of the pose as much as possible. With the arms I also attached the hands which had to have both end of the gloves totally resculpted to adapt the hands to the new arms. Four of the left hand 5 fingers had to be cut and reconstructed to make them fit naturally with the PSG1's clip naturally. All this was not easy when adapting all to such a big rifle such as the PSG 1.

Painting: The main thing I wanted to achieve while painting Minami was a good and realistic camouflage scheme. After long thought I decided to go totally different from the examples I had seen to make Minami even more unique. So I wen for an urban cammo scheme. With the cammo sachem I even wanted a continuing and a contrasting (but inline colour which would not give out a sniper's position so easily) colours. These where black for the continuing colour and a rich blue for the contrasting colour. The rest was business as usual. I like the final result very much giving Minami's suit a resemblance to a diving suit so as to give a reason why it is so short. Maybe she has just came to the area from the water.

Assembly: Thanks to very hard test fitting assembly was quite easy.



No. of Parts:
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Army Girl


It was a great and unexpected honor for me when Minami was declared as the second place winner of the Winter 2003 International Figure Contest held by the e2046 BBS at the e2046 online figure store. All the other 80 entries where very good works of art. I would like to compliment all the other participants and thank the organizers.
Please note Gallery 2 contains the photos of the optional naked part of Mianmi's breast. Althoug I have taken steps to make them not so obviously seen they are still photos of Adult nature. Now it is up to you.

Specials: Minami has quite an amount of specials which I did for her in order to make her truly unique even with the conversion and to turn her into a believable sniper. Here is a list of all of them and the reason why I did them.

1: Minami's squad motto is written(hand painted)on her head band. Although covered it read fully. "One Shot One Kill" Every sniper in my opinion should follow and be able to put into practice this motto.

2: The PSG1 Sniper Rifle is one of the best sniper rifles I have ever seen, a very good choice for a sniper weapon. As soon as I bought this scale model all the rest of my concept for Minami was in place in my mind. Although it was harder than I thought to adept Minami's figure to it, the PSG 1 was the main driving factor after my doing of this figure. god I love this weapon and would even love more to try it out one day.

3: The Beretta 92 and it's holster. Every sniper needs an extra hand weapon for when he is walking around in case of any close encounter. The difficulty here was adapting the holster's waist and leg belts to the proportions of Minami. The belts where made for male figures so I had to fasten the waist belt to it's maximum cut the extra out and burn the edge. Although I did the same for the leg belt it was still to wide so I had to fold the belt on itself and keep the fold in place by sewing it with a needle and black line.

4: Head set VHF and communication equipment. A good sniper must have a good means of communication with his command. So it was that I decided to design and create one from a 1/6 British Army communication equipment I had but which was to big for Minami's figure. I left out the main VHF keeping just the shoulder attachment which makes a good looking small radio. This was attached to the right shoulder on the suit. The VHF had not to disturb Minami while shooting. To continue with this principal I attached a head set to Minami's ear making it perfectly fitting with also a microphone towards her mouth for her to be able to talk freely without having to use her hands. These 2 pieces where finally attached to each other with a cable. BUT what is a radio without an antenna. This was added to the shoulder piece but bent downwards in order for the antenna not to be too much pointing upwards thus risking to give Minami's position out.

5: The combat knife. Although there was not more room for the original combat knife in Minami's hands I decided to try and keep it with the figure if possible, for what is any soldier without a good combat knife. After much thought and position try outs I found a place for it as you can see at Minami's back in her belt. The knife handle is in a very good position at Minami's left back waist in order for her to extract it swiftly if needed.

6: The stand. In order to give a good reason why it is that Minami is wearing an urban camouflage combat suit I had to give the impression she was at some kind of ruined building maybe considering her position and preparing to move after she had fired her weapon. In order to do so I salvaged one of my Warhammer 40,000 ruined buildings and constructed the stand you see. In order to enforce the idea more I used the 5 bullets and extra clip placing them on the floor as spent bullets and and empty discarded clip.

7: The Army box on the stand. As I said before Minami has an optional extra naked breast. See gallery 2. In order to keep this part with the figure all the time but hidden from view I constructed the box you see on the stand from cardboard with the exact dimensions to keep the part safely and indivisibly with the kit all the time. In this way I will never loose or damage it and I can change and keep safely both parts whenever I want.