I always wanted to add the beautiful Mayu Saiki to my G-Taste collection. I was very lucky to find this original garage kit with a 20% off sale price and so I did not let the deal fly away.

Cleaning: As from previous experiences with Tora no ana kits the miniature presented no air holes at all and just a fine seam line. This seam line is very difficult to spot at some times and even more difficult to eradicate. Especially around the legs, arms and torso part.

Assembling: None of the 21 parts which composed the figure where assembled before I had finished painting all the parts. The assembling was quite easy except for the white under dress which is very thin and can snap very easily when pressed with the legs parts. A bit of care must be given also to the pinning of the figure with the base since the position of the feet give little space where to pin.

Painting: This is the first figure kit I did not use any masking to paint. Special attention was given to the white shirt. I wanted to shade it in order to show well Mayu's attributes but did not want the shading to look dirty. Think I did it quite well. Attention was also given to the hair which according to reference had to be violate but fading from blue. Folds of the pink parts where also treaded in the same way as the shirt.

Specials: As a special I gave particular attention to Mayu's face including makeup and even the beauty spot. The acrylic stand was given also the G-Taste logo.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Mayu Saiki
Tora no ana
21 August 2002