I fell in love with this figure as soon as I saw it. Its perfect sculpting & dynamic pose made me want to make one of my master pices out of it. My compliments go to the sculptor. Started on the 24/08/02 this kit took and entire month of constant work to finish. I am totally satisfied with the result.

Cleaning: . The miniature was quite flawless with only 2 air holes and quite invisible seam line. Cleaning was quite easy with just a minimum of blade scrubbing and fine sanding required except for the hair which due to it’s many strands divided in 3 parts is quite complicate to clean.

Assembling: Much planing ahead had to be made ahead before starting priming and painting I decided to join the following.
1: All the parts which make Meiya’s huge ponytail.
2: Her right leg which is cut at the half of her upper leg. This was extra pinned due to the fact that it will support the entire figure on it’s stand. Special care was given to the puttying and sanding so as to make a perfect fit with no trace of lines.
3: The (hand) stand was also assembled in order to ensure a perfect standing and painting.

Painting: This miniature require lots of attention, precision painting and a good use of both paint brush and airbrush to obtain a good overall result. Generally, I divided my painting on single sections of the figure as follows.

1: The Katana, 2: The scabbard, 3: All the gray armor parts, 4: All the white armor parts, 5: All the hair parts, 6: The 2 ribbon parts, 7: The 2 upper hand parts, 8: The stand, 9: The body, 10: The head.

In this way I could keep all the different colors consistent and also concentrate with special attention, which all parts could require.

Specials: Sepcials can be found on the second page. Click link above.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Meiya Mitsurugi
Muv Luv
Importan Note: The final series of photos is for Adults only. If you are offended please scroll only to the third series not below.