Morrigan Aensland is at the top positions of my favored female Anime, Manga and Game Characters. I have searched very much for a good sculpt that I could paint and add to my collection. Finally I found this Kurushima kit which I think is the best so far. Except for the hand covering the head but thanks to a friend's (Cody) suggestion I turned this disadvantage in a great ecchiness boost to the kit. Read specials for more info.

Cleaning: Cleaning this figure was quite simple except for the hair especially at the pointy ends.

Assembling: I initially thought that assembling this figure would be easy but I had to go through lots of hours of test fitting especially in regards of the legs fitting to the body. You have to pay attention not to leave the very visible gaps all around the leg /body connection area. I had to carefully decide where and drill the main wings connection area since there was not even an indication where they had to fit. So pay a lot of attention here. Also the face neck connection has to be properly filed to fit in place correctly and finally it was the only part I assembled before I primed.

Painting: I have never been a great fan of Morrigna's color scheme to dark in my opinion. I liked the sample from Kurushima but as Cody said it is to soft. So after viewing some 300 images with a hell of different color scheme I decided to try my own. It is a simple blue/black and purple color scheme but it keeps in line with Morrigan's original color design where legs and arm gloves are of the same color and the wings continue with the same color scheme of the body suit. The bat emblems on her legs where made by cutting a stencil on masking tape, applying and finally spraying them.

Specials: After a bit of talking. My friend Cody suggested that to removed the disadvantage of the hand covering the head and to increase the already considerable ecchiness of this kit, I should model this figure as if she was lifting her left strap with her right hand in order to give the impression that she was arranging her suit to fit the breast and this is what I did. It was not easy to do. I first cut out her left breast and angled it a bit up to throw it of sync and give the impression it was being lifted up. Continues.


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Vampire Savior
Specials: I had to pay attention while filling the resultant gap not to increase the mass of the breast and after that, that the same filling was as smooth as possible so as no one could notice the implant ^_^. One difficulty I encountered where the straps the resin ones where first too short, and could not support the extensive curving my project required. So again after Cody's precious suggestion I built my own from fishing line and paper. The result being much more dynamic and beautiful than the original. To continue with the theme of this figure the base was made to look as water ripples with the moon in reflection. So the story might be that after having a bath in limpid waters Morrigan flew up on the surface arranging her suit^_^. Unfortunately the ripples being transparent are not that visible.