Although I do not know much about Najika I always liked the story about her being a secret agent. This original Garage Kit immediately attracted me because it is really well sculpted giving the body that bit muscle tone which is not quite often present on garage kits. Combined with the fact that she is in a very sexy swim suit and has even a gun made me want to try it out as early as possible.

Cleaning: This figure was quite easy to clean. Considering the fact that Najika has very short hair cleaning did not give me any particular difficulties.

Pre-Assembling: None of the 11 parts which compose the kit where assembled before painting.

Painting: As I said what attracted me of this kit was the muscle structure. I really wanted to give my best on the skin tone to exalt the very well sculpted body structure of this kit. Attention was also given to the swimsuit to continue with this idea. I also wanted to give the boots and belt she is wearing a sort of old leather look. That is why I faded it from black to brown. The hair was a bit hard to achieve this time because it is totally smooth at it top something I do not like in Kurushima works but I am very satisfied with the end result.

Assembly: Assembling this kit did not give me particular troubles except for one. Najika's gun belt is not long enough so I had to sculpt a piece of it myself. I really did not expect something like this from Kurushima. One can even see that their version on display has this missing part on the left hand side of the belt. It is a shame to display such a good figure like this.

Specials: There was not much room for specials on this figure but still I did something as you can see. From the little that I know Najika's symbol is a rose. I could not let this out so I painted not one but to rose symbols. One on Najik's swimsuit and the other on her gun holster.

The Stand: My inspiration went lose on the base with the help of a friend that suggested that since she is an agent (in swimsuit) she might be on a mission near the sea. Since she has part of he swimsuit torn out I decide to give the stand a rocky coastal look. Maybe Najika has just finished a mission and has just climbed down a cliff during which she tore her swimsuit. Now she is ready to put on her diving suit and board on the dinghy which she tied to the rock.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Najika Hiragi
A 360 degrees of Najika Hiragi.
A closer 360 degrees view ^_^.
The rose is common with Najika.....
so I added a rose to the gun holster and swim suit.
A closeup look at the hair highlights.
The swimsuit shading came out really well.
A closeup of her face.
The Base.