As soon as I saw this figure I had to have it. It is so richly detailed and I wanted to try a figure with oriental clothes.

Cleaning: Cleaning this original garage kit was quite simple. A-Brand's quality in casting is really grate. The only part I had to work a bit more on are the legs so as to clean the seam line well from the flods. Some special attention must be given to the hair also. Since some pointy endings which really give this kit it's grate look are quite fragile and can snap eaisly. Care has also to be given to the front belt for the same reason.

Assembling: I assembled not even one part of this kit before painting it. This kit is quite detailed and every part needs its special attention. Once painted thoug it was quite easy to assemble it since all parts fit really well and thanks to the joints in the cast you do not need any pinning. The only special attention was given to the joint where the abdomen joins with the leg. It leaves a wide gap which has to be tackled before even priming or else you will ruin the final result.

Painting: As I said every part was painted on it own. All this details and the small parts where painted with a brush. The torso was painted with a brush too. It is so detailed that a brush is the only way for me to get the best result.

Specials: The hair was given 7 layers of paint to obtain that black fading to a highlighting dark blue. As a personal touch for this kit I built and added the arrow you see in her right hand. The stand is made from red marble.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Kichikuou Rance
9 May 2002