Yuki Shihoudou was my first real G-Tast love and also marked the start of my Japanese Garage Kit modeling.

Cleaning: This figure is quite simple to clean. It is made from just 8 big and solid parts so it is not that difficult to clean. Any of the parts require particular attention.

Assembling: This kit is also quite easy to assemble. The only particular attention is to be given to the joining where the legs meet the dress. Good test fiting is required in order not to leave any gaps. Attention has to be given to the pony tail attachment as well for the same reason.

Painting: I painted all part of this figure on their own. I did not even have an airbrush at that time. All the kit was painted with my thrusty brush but as you can see from the photos the result is still a good one. The upper white dress borders are painted by hand with no use of masking tape. The hair was given a brown black fade which is not well seen in these photos.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Yuki Shihoudou
Tora no ana
6 March 2002