I admit to have a soft spot for these long and sexy Chinese style dresses. When I saw this original figure created by one of my favorite artists Masaki Mizuhara I could not resist I had to add Mrs. Yuriko -my favored character of his- to my collection.

Cleaning: There is nothing that much complicated in cleaning this figure. Attention has only to be given to the the leg pieces which have quite a heavy seam line. Even more attention must be given to the pink hair cover which is very delicate and can snap quite easily.

Assembling: I only assembled the left arm before starting to paint. The rest was assembled after paint. Special attention has to be given only to the dress's back tail which needs to fit exactly around her hips so do a lot of test fitting. Even the arm's attachment to the body need some test fitting. Don't forget like I did the earnings which are quite small and can be easily lost. I passed 1 hour fetching for them on the floor. ^_^

Painting: Painting was quite easy all over if you do not want to insist like I did on the shading of her body and hair. The only real trouble being the golden outline on the dress which was quite hard to bring out since the sculpt's guiding line was a bit rough.

Specials: I wanted to obtain a silky look of overall black with dark blue as a highlighting colour where the viewer could not distinguish where one colour starts and the the other ends. Think I managed it quite well. Continues.

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Mrs. Yuriko
Mrs. Yuriko
Mrs. Yuriko with my original 15 prints from Masaki Mizuhara.
Mrs. Yuriko with another of my original 15 prints from Masaki Mizuhara.
The Stand. "See the kois"
Over exposed photo to show fading effect.
Specials: The Stand. At first I only intended to put her on a transparent stand but I had no smaller Stand than this one and due to Mrs. Yuriko's feet position it was looking quite empty. After a lot of thinking I still had no good idea of what to do. Was about to give up when while I was in my garden feeding my pet fish which are kois (the famous Japanese fish) inspiration kicked in. What about having Mrs. Yuriko standing near a pond full of kois in a typical Japanese rock garden. So I started to work and you can see the result above. Mrs. Yuriko is now posing for a photo on the passage stones of a rock garden near a pond of kois.