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Figure/Miniature Painting Commissions
After many e-mail from your end requesting information on whether or not I accept figure painting commissions, I have decided to add this information page as a guide for those who might want me to work for them. I have worked both on Warhammer miniatures and Japanese Garage Kits for many people both locally and internationally. Find below how I do it.

I don't paint whole armies. Even if I have done it more than once before I do no longer paint whole armies at once. Due to a sensible decrease in my free time I can rarely paint that much to finish an army over a short period of time. If you really want me to do it and would not mind waiting a bit contact me at my e-mail maybe if it's a good challenge I might accept.

I specialize in characters. I prefer to work on one miniature/figure at a time so that I can give it my best. If you want me to paint one of your character miniatures or Japanese Garage Kit I will be more than pleased to work on it.

It hard to work on the same model. As many artists will tell you I don't like to have to work on a Japanese Garage Kit I have already painted. The same is when it comes to a very detailed and complicated Warhammer miniature. On the other hand it does not really trouble me to repaint simple Japanese Garage Kits or Warhammer miniatures. All depends on the amount of detail, work and most important of all time I can invest to do the job. This applies mostly to Japanese Garage Kits. These figures are usually quite big and finely detailed rendering them quite complicated to work on if one want to obtain a good final result. If you think I have already worked on a particular kit try e-mailing me first.

Level of Painting. It's important to note that the cost of a commission can vary quite a bit depending on many factors. The following is just a simple general guideline. I usually work with 3 levels of painting depending on your requests. Level 1: is a simple base coat of all the primary color all smooth and well placed. Level 2: is the same as Level 1 but shading, highlights and basic detailing like eyes added. Level 3: Is as I say "when I bring them to life". In simple all that I know and that I can do to bring your figure/miniature at the best result possible.


Costs. The above levels of painting added to the size, detail and time spent on your miniature/figure all contribute to the final prize I ask for. I usually ask for an amount that can vary from a minum of $5 to a maximum of $10 an hour I spend working on the miniature/figure for a Level 3 painting job with the price falling for lower levels at $7 an hour for a level 2 job and 5$ for a level on job (which I rarely accept because it is not challenging for me). I strongly recommend you to e-mail me at the following e-mail address with the details of your miniature/figure if you are really interested since I offer a custome solution for all my customers,

All major private postal companies are present here in Malta and even our own postal service is quite good. Personally I never had any trouble sending or receiving figures.


Display: For various reasons not all my clients wish that the work I do for them to be displayed. I respect this since you pay me for my work you can do what you want when I send you back your finished figure. Anyway I always like to display my finished work but since I fully respect your choices I will always ask my clients for their permission to display on my website their commissioned work. I will also state to whom they belong. Again you are free to refuse if you want in that case I will not display it or names.

Commission Examples: Go to one of my many galleries. All those figures marked with either commission or sold are either commissioned works or figures sold either through my online store or my ebay account.

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