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Figure / Miniature Restoration
In the last few months many have asked me if I could work on one of their old figures and bring it up to the level I paint. Many of these people love a particular figure or miniature the possess and try to paint them themselves however only few manage to finish a figure to a very good level for various reasons. Usually these figures end up only undercoated or half completed. Even when completed many do not reach a professional level.

Lately, I have been asked many times if I could take such figures or miniatures and do a restoration process on them in order to give them back to the client in a professional level of paint.

The answers is yes. I do figure or miniature restorations as well. The process can take a bit longer than usual depending on what the client has done on the figure before it arrived to me but till now I have always managed to pull it off and restore all the figure that have been placed in my care. Check further down for an example.

If any one of you is interested to have a particular figure or miniature restored kindly contact me on the following e-mail: .

I offer a custom solution for every client so prices may vary depending on the condition in which the figure or miniature is and the time taken to have it restored. I will try to satisfy all the wishes or ideas the client has for his/her figure or miniature. I even offer custom unique one off bases for the miniature depending on what I have available at the moment of painting.

All that I ask is that you send me a photo of the miniature with your e-mail so that I can do a quick evaluation of what needs to be done and offer the best solution for your figures/miniature to be painted at their best once they are back in your hands.

An example of one of my receent restorations

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The Dark Elf Hydra. On your left before restoration and on your right after restoration.